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  • Hivemapper Dashcam

    • 10 Frames Per Second (FPS)
    • Captures 4K imagery
    • USB sold separately
    • 108mm (W) x 60mm (H) x 59mm (D)
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  • Hivemapper Dashcam S

    • 30 Frames Per Second (FPS)
    • Captures 4K imagery + video
    • 128 GB USB included
    • 114mm (W) x 35mm (H) x 69mm (D)
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Gig Workers

Earn more from your drives with a dashcam that elevates your hustle without any hassle.

"Uber driver mapping the SF Bay Area right here. Loving every minute of it!"
- Greg in Oakland, California


Delivery Drivers

Turn your everyday journeys into earning opportunities with a dashcam that delivers as reliably as you do.

"I highly recommend you take a look into Hivemapper if you spend as much time on the road as me."
- Brandon in Atlanta, Georgia


Any Driver

Transform your daily commute and local errands into something more rewarding.

"I don't drive everyday, but when I do it's fun to be rewarded for contributing to the map."

- Jesse in Manchester, United Kingdom